Rumor Has It: No More Concert Tours for Adele

Rumor Has It: No More Concert Tours for Adele

London, United Kingdom – English singer and songwriter Adele bid farewell to concert tours at the first night of her “Wembley Finale.”

Adele shared a handwritten letter reproduced in the concert program, explaining why she wanted to put an end to her concert tours. It was posted by a fan on Instagram.

There were almost 98,000 concertgoers in attendance, breaking U2’s record of 92,000 in 2009 at the Wembley Stadium. She was overwhelmed and anxious at the same time.

She sang 18 songs from her previous albums, not really selling those in “25.” She still felt uneasy but was able to warm up from her 5th song onwards. It was the 120th show for her album’s tour after spending more than a year on the road. She admitted to still have stage fright.

Rumor Has It: No More Concert Tours for Adele

There were times when she would say she forgot the lines of her own song, giving the mic to the audience to sing in unison. The crowd obliged – singing their hearts out. Adele said that she is finishing the whole tour because of her beloved fans.

She also added that she chose the last shows to be in London. She said she wasn’t sure if the fans would still see her onstage after the last show.

She made the most of her last few spotlights on the stage as she requested her fans to donate for the victims of the Grenwell Tower. This was after she sang “Hometown Glory.” She visited the victims the day after the incident.

It was explained later on that she and husband Simon Konecki would like to “expand” their family and live a quiet life out of the limelight. They have a son named Angelo James.

Adele said she is a homebody and that concert tours are not her thing. Her fans have loved her for being very vocal and brutally honest to the extent of cursing even when the mic is on. She said she can’t wait to smoke fags and drink whiskey.

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