Kim Kardashian Hired a Surrogate for Third Child

NEW YORK – According to reports last Wednesday, the Kardashian-West family will be having a baby in another woman’s womb.

Sources have disclosed that the family has hired a surrogate to carry the baby after the doctor has advised that a pregnancy would be risky for Kim. The price for the surrogacy is reported to be at 113,000 dollars.

It was still uncertain if the surrogate is already carrying the baby. The Kardashians refused to give comments on the issue.

Kim Kardashian has two children, namely North and Saint, and has been open about her difficulties during her pregnancy. In the recent episodes of her reality show, she talked about hiring a surrogate mother for her third child.

On her blog, Kardashian has described her struggles in her pregnancy and labors. The reality star had also undergone various surgeries and consultation to the doctor to solve her problem.

Kim Kardashian Hired a Surrogate for Third Child

According to her statement in an episode in her show, surrogacy has always been a second option for them and it is the most realistic one, and now it is her reality.

Reports about surrogacy have always been there since the couple went through difficult times and now it has resurfaced after the statements of Kardashian.

Last October, Kardashian was robbed in Paris. Million-dollar-worth of jewelries were taken, which led to the increase of their security and a temporary stop on doing activities in public.

West, on the other hand, suffered from a mental breakdown, causing his December Tour to be canceled and him being hospitalized.

The couple has chosen to engage in public using their social media accounts for the past few months. Kardashian also occasionally posts some pictures of her family.

Last Wednesday, Kardashian made another new milestone when she launched her make-up line, which was immediately sold out in hours.

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