Critics: “The Mummy’s” Box Office Flop Can’t Toast Tom Cruise

U.S.A – Critics and experts said that “The Mummy’s” failure in the box office does not mean the sudden end of Tom Cruise’s career. But according to a critic from Forbes, Cruise’s role in the movie might be his worst ever and it is also the worst movie that he has ever made to date.

Variety’s Chief Film Critic Owen Gleiberman wrote that the look on the actor’s face is somewhat convoluted and it is uncommon for him to be like that. It also feels as if Cruise is thinking “Where am I?” while filming the movie.

Cruise is not the only one superstar who has made such flops in the film industry. Some major stars like Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, and Robert De Niro also suffered from this kind of situation. However, the bigger problem is that the movie has already tainted the name of Cruise and many are asking if this will wreck his career.

Critics: “The Mummy’s” Box Office Flop Can’t Toast Tom Cruise

Gleiberman said that Cruise is a “franchise addict.” He has made several movies, especially sci-fi ones, over the last ten years. He is also introducing new ones like “Jack Reacher” and is now entering the Dark Universe.

But when asked if Cruise is toast, Hollywood PR guru Howard Bragman thinks that this claim is far-fetched. He said that anyone who thinks that this claim is true can even be considered a fool. Bragman belives that despite the poor performance of Cruise’s recent movie, the man is very talented, driven, and smart.

True enough, even with his box office flop in the US, “The Mummy”received still an overwhelming reception overseas. The movie only grossed 32.2 million dollars through Sunday, far behind the 57.2 million dollars of “Wonder Woman.” The bright side, however, is in the rest of the world where it gained 141.8 million dollars.

This just means one thing, according to comScore’s Senior Media analyst Paul Dergarabedian. He thinks that the reports about the movie’s flop were just overstated. He explained that it is ironic that the “flop” has garnered the best global debut ever. With that alone, you cannot say that Cruise is toast.

He continued by making examples of the same situation. He said that Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, and Brad Pitt also suffered from the same flops over the years. Finally, he pointed out that the star power of an actor largely depends on their movie.

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