“Women-Only” Policy for the Wonder Woman Screening

“Women-Only” Policy for the Wonder Woman Screening

USA – Male attendees were outraged by an announcement made by the Alamos Drafthouse in the screening of the DC movie Wonder Woman on June 6.

According to a written statement by the theater venue of the screening which is based in Austin, the iconic super hero from the comic book will finally be brought to life, and the best way to celebrate this achievement is to have an “all-female screening”.

The theater continues to tease by mockingly apologizing to the male fans and saying that they are embracing the “girl power” by having a “NO GUYS ALLOWED” policy for the special night in the Alamo Ritz. The theater even reiterated that their announcement about “Women (and the People Who Identify as Women) only” is serious. This includes the venue staff, culinary team, projectionist, and everyone in the venue must all be female.

Wonder Woman Screening

One of the viewers of the Facebook page of Alamos mockingly said that the policy in the screening is great because the males can now have a “guys-only” screening on movies like Spider Man, Thor, Star Wars, and much more. He then challenged Alamos if they can cope up with that, especially that they are the one who started it.

Another viewer asked if Alamos has ever hosted any “men’s only” film screening.

Another one said that the decision is “very tacky”. The viewer stated that he supports equality and the decision to have an “all-women” policy is clearly a violation of equality. However, he also said that the declaration might not be intentional, but it is still wrong.

Meanwhile, Alamos is responding to the comments and protests on their social media pages.

In one occasion, the venue has responded to an enraged viewer. Alamos said that they are very sorry for making the male fans feel left out. The venue explained that they think the policy might be interesting for the screening because it is celebrating a great woman for almost eight decades now. “Again, truly, truly, truly, truly sorry that we’ve offended you”, Alamos commented.

Wonder Woman is a movie about the famous DC comic super heroine, Diana, or better known as Wonder Woman. In the movie, she leaves her Amazonian island to save the world. Gal Gadot will play as Wonder Woman.

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