Trial Consultant: Jurors on Cosby’s Case Must be Picked Wisely

Trial Consultant: Jurors on Cosby’s Case Must be Picked Wisely

UNITED STATES – According to sources, the five selected judges last Monday will hear the trial of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case. The trial will start on the 5th of June. The panel is comprised of three white men and two white women.

The trial will finally be heard after a Temple University basketball team manager filed a complaint against Cosby because he allegedly drugged and molested her in the night way back 2004. Cosby is adamant that the act was consensual.

There was a total of 100 jurors who attended the selection last Monday. 86 of them said that they have knowledge about the case. 34 of them stated that they have already made opinions about the case. 14 mentioned that they have already formed a judgment. 25 of them said that the nature of the case could make them subjective. 35 of them said that they have a family member involved in the case.

There were other 67 potential judges, but they already admitted that the case would be difficult for them because it will be probable to take two weeks or longer and they will have to be isolated nearly 300 miles from home. 4 of them gave other reasons why they must not hear the case.

Trial Consultant: Jurors on Cosby’s Case Must be Picked Wisely

The authorities are hoping to have the place taken by the end of this week. Judge Steven O’Neill has been reportedly accepted the bench.

According to Howard Varinsky, a trial consultant, the criteria for the selection includes the consciousness of the juror about the celebrities – whether they know too much about celebrities, and if they are fans. The bottom line is to check if they can see the case objectively.

The selection will also weigh the jurors’ gender, occupation, race, age, and interests as the questioning progresses.

Varinsky explained that this case is prone to the risk of prejudice and deceit. Many will be coming and say that they can handle Cosby’s case with fairness, but the truth is that they cannot. Therefore, his job is to look at every detail about the potential jurors.

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