19 Killed and 50 Wounded in Manchester Bombing

19 Killed and 50 Wounded in Manchester Bombing

MANCHESTER, England – A series of blasts in the Ariana Grande concert is now being investigated by the terrorism cops. The explosion has reportedly killed 19 people and wounded 50 others in the concert which was flooded by young fans and parents as well.

As of now, the authorities are treating this incident as a terror attack, but the origin of the blasts is still uncertain. However, according to some reports, the police are speculating that the bomb could be the work of a suicide bomber. The investigators are also saying that the bombs might have been in a backpack when it exploded.Unconfirmed reports suggest that it contained nails, which is a trademark of the UK’s white supremacist radicals.

Manchester Bombing

The incident is now considered as the deadliest terror attack in Britain after the 2015’s Subway Bombing in London. The attack is likened to the Paris terror attack last 2015 where the deadly assault happened in Bataclan concert hall. The Eagles of Death Metal was the one performing in that concert.

According to witnesses, the explosions were heard immediately after the concert ended and the lights turned on. The British Transport Police – the police force on duty to protect the Victoria train near the arena, reported that one of the bombs exploded in the foyer of the concert venue. The train station was immediately evacuated after the incident. Bomb disposal teams who arrived last Tuesday are now operating in scene to aid the investigation of the terrorism cops.

Garry Walker, a survivor witness in the venue told the reporters that he heard a loud explosion and then saw a blinding flash of light immediately after the concert ended. He then saw his wife with a wound in the stomach and her leg appeared to be broken. He also saw metal nuts scattered on the floor.

Meanwhile, According to Joseph Carozza, Ariana Grande’s publicist, the famous singer and performer is “O.K.”.

Ariana’s concert was held in Manchester arena which can hold 21,000 people. It is still not clear how many people attended the concert.

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