Jonathan Levine’s Movie “Snatched” Didn’t Appeal Much

Jonathan Levine’s Movie “Snatched” Didn’t Appeal Much

The movie “Snatched” of Jonathan Levine is now showing nationwide just in time for the Mother’s Day celebration.

The comedy movie is starred by Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer, and it revolves around a mother and daughter who were abducted during their stay in Ecuador. Where are the hilarious comedy skills and pointless lines of Liam Neeson? This question was written by Dana Barbuto in her review of the movie.

Barbuto added that the director failed to maximize the skills of one of the best comedy actors in the industry and they did not pull off the aim to give the viewers a big smile and loud laugh on their faces.

The duo of Schumer and Hawn could be funny and exciting, but the movie did not let them offer what they’ve got. The reviewer also added that the scripts are predictable and phony. It sounds as if it already has been heard from previous movies.

Jonathan Levine’s Movie “Snatched” Didn’t Appeal Much

The whole movie takes place in the jungle where Emily and Linda, mother and daughter, try to find their way out of the jungle. Inside the rainforest is an exciting and hilarious journey for the two and the hanging question is if they can escape the kidnappers alive.

The two main characters have dumped lives where the mother Linda is divorced with her husband. She lives with two cats, and Emily is her hard-headed daughter. The mother is selfish; the daughter is not. These characters are truly opposite, and this makes them clash and sometimes disagree on certain things.

There are also fellow tourists who will join the adventure of Linda and Emily. Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes will trek through the Amazon, but there will also be a hero who will rescue them, played by Christopher Meloni.

The duo is a perfect match, and they can offer more of their comic, hilarious, and pointless lines, but the director has failed to make them do so.

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