Dance Mom’s Miller Up for One Year in Prison Over Bankruptcy Fraud

Dance Mom’s Miller Up for One Year in Prison Over Bankruptcy Fraud

Pittsburgh, Penn. – Reality TV stars were getting more attention than they should have. And stardom isn’t always the reason.

Take the case of Abby Lee Miller, the reality star of “Dance Moms”. Early this week, she was sentenced to spend a year plus one day in prison because of bankruptcy and credit fraud due to undeclared income. Aside from that, she is also facing charges for carrying a considerable amount of money in Australian notes while she traveled and not declaring it. In both of these accusations, she pleaded guilty.

Miller rose to fame when she starred on a television reality show. She let the fans follow her as a dance instructor at her family-owned dance studio. She was known to be a bit tight on her students, especially her elite class. This is evident in some episodes wherein viewers see her students crying; due to pressure and emotional responses to her lashes and comments.

Alongside, Miller could also be seen to be not going well along with her students’ mothers. Her way of criticizing and pursuing perfection pushed her bashers to make statements about their dislike in her coaching style. Nonetheless, her series garnered a considerable number of followers since the tense setting was something to look forward to.

Dance Mom’s Miller Up for One Year in Prison Over Bankruptcy Fraud

Taking over her family’s dance business, Miller expressed her intention to live up to the expectations of her. She also looked forward to establishing her mark by carrying out his father’s dance business legacy to the present standards. Bringing her business in the light of reality TV is her modern take, and nonetheless, a right decision. But then, sometimes, the best lessons were learned in the hardest way.

Unfortunately, Miller’s dreams did not happen the way she initially intended. Last March, she went on debt and declared bankruptcy. When the fraud issue surfaced, she admitted to resorting to it to get herself out of debt. She apologized and is now facing the consequences of her decisions.

While she stressed that she did not intend to deceive but rather to give back to everyone she owed to, she still has to face the verdict away from the limelight just now.

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