Depp’s Ex-Managers Expose Actor’s ‘Lavish Lifestyle’ In Countersuit

Depp’s Ex-Managers Expose Actor’s ‘Lavish Lifestyle’ In Countersuit

LOS ANGELS, Calif. – The former management team of Hollywood A-Lister Johnny Depp is filing a cross-complaint in response to the actor’s initial lawsuit.

The 53-year-old veteran actor filed a case against The Management Group (TMG) and two of its attorneys for negligence, and fraud and breach fiduciary duty, along with other charges. TMG worked with Johnny Depp from 1999 to 2016, as stated in the complaint, and was able to collect a total of $28 million in contingent fees. Depp, however, reasoned that he never agreed to paying such fees.

Depp also claimed that TMG allegedly failed to file or pay his taxes on a consistent basis, which resulted to him being fined $5.6 million in federal fees and interest. He also claimed that TMG was “self-dealing” by making investments in companies that are mainly of their interest.

After more than a week since the case was filed, TMG has decided to fire back. In a counter suit, the group claimed that Depp was living an ultra-extravagant lifestyle, specifically noting that the “Pirates of the Caribbean” had monthly expenses amounting to $2 million.

To be more specific, TMG released a record of Depp’s spending via court documents. These include a $75 million expense to buy, improve and furnish 14 of his homes, which include a 45-acre Chateau in the South of France, a house farm in Kentucky, and some islands in the Bahamas. These expenses also covered the salary of staff and employees of each property.

Other expenses allegedly made by Johnny Depp include $150,000 per month for security guards who are with him and his kids 24/7, $200,000 per month on private jets, and $3 million to blast the ashes of late author Hunter S. Thompson over Aspen, Colorado using a specially-made canon.

Now that both parties have aired their sides and presented the necessary documents, which one gets the heftier punishment by law?

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