Chess robot who can serve coffee while checkmating you

Chess robot

Consumer Electronic show (CES) in Las Vegas 2017 saw some of the greatest innovations happening around the world. One of the robots took chess lovers with awe as it can serve coffee to its opponent while playing chess.

Any chess fan would tell you that this 64- squared board game would suck the life out of you once you are pulled into its world. Chess is a difficult game to grasp. However, the chess-playing robot of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) at CES made it look so easy to learn.

Magnus, Karjakin, Nakamura would love to have such chess opponents who don’t get exhausted. Won’t they?

A computer vision mechanism helps the robot recognize an object’s size, shape, color, and orientation.

Along with the computer vision system, a deep-learning feature helps the robot to gently handle the chess pieces and react to the moves of its human opponent. Further, the Player and robot can communicate via a tablet. Its makers have made the robot frequently ask for time to think before it decides on a move.

The robot’s movements aren’t perfected yet as it failed to set chess pieces when the chessboard was tilted. But it still does well in the gripping and precise movements department. Not so unexpectedly, the robot defeated every human opponent that it played at the event.

But the robot has a softer side as well as it served its opponent coffee as a demonstration of its vision system and dexterity. Though it took some time, the robot smoothly filled the coffee cup on the table without spilling a drop.

ITRI says it envisions the technology being used in assembly lines as well as in hospitals to care for the elderly as these areas lack manpower.

Here is a video of the first chess not-so-robot:




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