NEW GIRL SEASON 6: Is there any hope for Nick and Jess Relationship ?

Season 6 of New Girl is on it’s way and the question everyone is asking is if Nick and Jess will have a relationship together or will they be separating ?

Many fans are worried New Girl will continue without Jess and Nick relationship together. Starting from the first episode of the series everyone wanted the two characters to get together in a relationship.

Their relationship together has been very hard with many separations and arguments but they have made it work and lasted this long in the series. As you know you can see the season premiere of New Girl Season 6 their is still one question everyone is asking and that is, whether or not “Ness” will have a future.

As the series starts people will question whether they are right for each other when we see Nick fall in love with “Reagan” played by Megan Fox. Nick will get more close and comfortable with Reagan because of her mature self and will see a more calm and humble women than Jess.

Will this mean that “Ness” will be the end ? we believe it might actually be the end (hopefully we are wrong).

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