2016 Summer Olympics At A Glance

The Olympic games is an exciting time! A series of sporting events requiring skill, professionalism, and sometimes, being the best in the world. A real proving grounds where people and countries earn their highest achievements while showing what practice and dedication, as well as talent accomplish. Countries hosting the Olympics can wow the world with spectacular ceremony opening and closing the event. Of 206 nations that entered, USA triumphed, winning total 121 medals, 46 Gold, (Germany won 42 medals in fifth place, and the runner up, Great Britain, won nearly half as many with 67). 


Brief Recap:


  • Ryan Lochte, (swimmer, second in medals only to Michael Phelps), disciplined over Rio gas station scandal.
  • Russian track & field team banned from participating because of doping allegations, (all but one athlete), – a first ban of this kind to ever occur.
  • Usain Bolt won his 9th gold medal, Michael Phelps won 5 more gold medals, and the USA Olympic basketball team won third straight gold in a row.


2016 Olympic Games:




In case you missed it:


This event is broadcast worldwide and through every medium available: television, radio, print, and the INTERNET. It was estimated that the expected number of people to watch the games was roughly 3.6 billion, (about half the world’s population), although, the true number of viewers is difficult to determine.  It is the most viewed event in the world – not too shabby for something which began as a 200 meter foot race around the year 800 B.C.. Aside from broadcasting worldwide, millions of minutes of footage is uploaded to Youtube.


The Olympic games are achieved through collaboration, teamwork, and the epitome of all things human. If you missed any or all of the action be sure to catch the highlights or the closing ceremony.  The next Olympics will take place in  Pyeongchang, winter of 2018.  


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