Oregon vs Washington State Live Stream: Watch College Football Online

Ranked play is here, once more. Time to cheer up and watch some serious college football. The #25 Washington State Cougars are hosting the #12 Oregon Ducks. Both teams are 5-1 (2-1 in conference as well). This is a tough pick, full of uncertainty that we actually love very much. An interesting game between two ranked opponenets. It’s matchups like these that we live to experience. If you can’t be in the Washington during the good times, then make sure you’re glued to your TV. We recommend live streaming the game using your internet and watching online. Emotions are high. Ride on the train and come along!

How to watch:

Date and Time:  October 20th, 2018 7:00 PM EST

Venue: Martin Stadium


Online Stream: FuboTV (US Desktop & Mobile) – (Subscription required click here to start your free fuboTV trial and watch now, you can cancel at any time. DVR Available.)

Oregon Team News

The Oregon Ducks have a slightly less chance of winning, we believe. Both teams are strong, yes. If you talk with the head coaches, you will know that their team is the best and not going to lose this matchup, no matter whose head coach it is — the Cougars or the Ducks. But still, there are factors that place the Ducks on a lower step.

Further, the line is actually quite thin this time. It’s very hard to pick. Even that slight disadvantage might mean nothing, and something else could come up as a huge advantage.

Washington State Team News

The Washington State Cougars are averaging 41.8 points per game against 43.0 of the Oregon Ducks. They are allowing 23.8, while the Ducks are allowing 24.8. Total yards run 485.5 vs 482.8 of the Ducks. Total yards allowed are 311.2 vs 361.8 of the Ducks. The Cougars are too similar to the Ducks on the paper. Most of the matchups in college football this season haven’t even come close.

Still, the Cougars will try to best the Ducks. One slip-up and it could ruin all the chances Washington State has to win this matchup. They cannot let that happen. They need their sixth win and not their second loss.

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