Baylor vs Oklahoma Live Stream: Watch College Football Online

The Baylor vs Oklahoma game is up for 3:30 PM EST later today afternoon. The game will be happening at the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, also known as the OU Memorial Stadium, in Norman, Oklahoma. The #6 Oklahoma Sooners are hosting the Baylor Bears and looking forward to a comfortable win.

How to watch:

Date and Time:  September 29th, 2018 3:30 PM EST

Venue: OU Memorial Stadium


Online Stream: FuboTV (US Desktop & Mobile) – (Subscription required click here to start your free fuboTV trial and watch now, you can cancel at any time. DVR Available.)

Baylor Team News

The Baylor Bears are 3-1 currently into the season. They have recently been back from the loss at the hands of the Duke Blue Devils (40-27). The sweeping 26-7 win against the Kansas Jayhawks let them make a statement.

However, the Bears will have no luck in this game against opponent Oklahoma. Statistically they lagging behind but for the most part, the team form has to do with it. They are not in the form to take on the Sooners. There are just so many fallacies to take care of — the offense and rushing game firstly. The passing game of the Bears is already pretty strong this season but that action, no matter how energetic, is not going to save them. The problem is also in the team’s defense. The Sooners will be quick to take advantage of the gaps between the defensive lines.

Oklahoma Team News

Holding off the Knights was quite a spectacle for all the college football fans. Although they had the lead, the Sooners let the Knights catch up. It was a 21-21 tie and they finally had the upper hand in the overtime.

The #6 Oklahoma Sooners are packing amazing stats. They are also undefeated through this season and have only won all their four games so far. This is their fifth game and they must be expecting an easy win this time, with a comfortable margin as well.

The Sooners are a strong team and they are not going to be shy about displaying it. Oklahome will play with just one purpose: to win. And most probably, they will pull it off.

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