North Carolina State vs Marshall Live Stream: Watch College Football without Cable

The North Carolina State vs Marshall game is up for 7:00 PM EST later today evening. Both the teams are able to give surprise twists in this game, making this matchup all the more interesting. It’s the herd against the pack. The game is going to be happening at the Joan C. Edwards Stadium in Huntington, West Virginia. If you can’t be there to watch the game, make sure you tune in to your TV. Or better yet, you can live stream the game using your internet and watch online the herd vs wolfpack match easily from the comfort of your home.

How to watch:

Date and Time:  September 22nd, 2018 7:00 PM EST

Venue: Joan C. Edwards Stadium


Online Stream: FuboTV (US Desktop & Mobile) – (Subscription required click here to start your free fuboTV trial and watch now, you can cancel at any time. DVR Available.)

North Carolina State Team News

NC State has better offense but slightly weaker defense. However, they have the kind of players and means that can make it easy to counteract the weaker defense. Nullifying the weaker defense means an easy win, maybe even a comfortable one, against the Marshall.

See, the North Carolina State Wolfpack are a strong team. They have the will and tactics to subdue competition. Today at evening, we will be seeing their wolf action in play. Hopefully, it is as exciting as it sounds!

Marshall Team News

The Marshall Thudering Herd are a close-knit group. It’s the herd against the pack, and we think it’s not as simple to see who wins as it could be.

If they can contain the mishaps the team is prone to making, they have a solid chance this time. All they need to do is strengthen their position on the offense and they will be good to go. Unfortunately, the enemy team also has a similar scope and they will also do anything to win this one. All in all, we believe this will be an interesting game. We just have to notice how well the team handles and contains any mishaps.

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