Coach Ed Orgeron Turns Table Around For Louisiana State University

Coach Ed Orgeron Turns Table Around For Louisiana State University

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – September was not much of a month for College Football, but that does not make it the end of the world. There are still more seasons to come.

Players are dying to make a comeback in the upcoming seasons. However, it is not only the players who are looking forward to a rebound. The coaches are on their way too, seeing as any more of these losses and they could lose their jobs.

Louisiana State University Football Coach Ed Orgeron led the team to a score of 3-2 this September. As if that was not bad enough, Louisiana State University also went through a loss against Troy University, as well as the Mississippi State University.

That would have led other coaches to ultimate desolation, but Coach Oregon stood up. Thanks to the team altogether. This October, they earned a score of 3-0. That was beside their victory over the State Universities Auburn and Florida.

Coach Ed Orgeron Turns Table Around For Louisiana State University

Oregon gave the team some props for a job well done, but he mentioned one player whom he believes to be the highlight of their entire victory. Linebacker Duke Riley was not playing for Louisiana State University anymore because he is now one of the Atlanta Falcons.

His presence during the game inspired everyone to go beyond their best, though. Apparently, it worked, based on how the team stood up from the ground after a couple of losses.

After the series of losses, Coach Orgeron has been the center of blame. He had gotten many criticisms for the humiliating losses that the team experienced. With this sudden turnaround, it seemed to have quieted the pack for now.

After how well he delivered the wins, there will be no reason for him to get a pink slip. However, there may be more issues coming to him, but that all depends on how well or terrible the team plays in the next game this coming November.

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