FBI Addresses The Dark Side Of College Sports Recruitment

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The first weekend of the NCAA basketball team practice was shaken when the FBI dropped a bomb. They are conducting an investigation in line with the bribery and fraud charges for certain personnel regarding corruption in basketball recruitment.

Federal prosecutors announced the arraignment of four men’s assistant coaches, Adidas’ Director of Global Marketing, along with five others after a two-year-long investigation regarding the way they recruit players.

The accusation was for providing money for top recruits and their families, as well as guiding players to specific financial advisers in return for payment from these groups or organizations.

There are two other schools that remain unnamed but are believed to be Louisville and Miami, which is also accused of the same infringement. No people were indicted yet from those regions, though. Louisville coach Rick Pitino and the school’s athletic director were placed on administrative within 24 hours. However, it was believed that he is likely to be fired once they worked out the technicalities.

FBI Addresses The Dark Side Of College Sports Recruitment

Prosecutors say that it’s not over yet. The investigation will still carry on into what is believed to be the “underbelly of college athletics,” according to Joon Kim, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

The NCAA’s headquarters in Indianapolis was not informed of this investigation, and it will even include wiretaps. This only meant that the FBI is putting everything that they got from this investigation.

A subpoena was dropped to Nike’s Elite Youth Basketball League, and more are to follow for sure. It goes especially for various AAU offices and elite travel-ball leagues that use basketball to showcase top college prospects.

Word is spreading that people are already lining up to say what they know, like many coaches, and probably fans. They are considering of getting probation in the NCAA as an occupational hazard and want to come out clean.

This investigation is hoped to probe against people with their own agendas of wanting to raise the content of their bank account using college basketball recruiting, especially in the men’s basketball.

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