New Rules And Regulations Created To Prevent NCAA Bribery

New Rules And Regulations Created To Prevent NCAA Bribery

MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, N.Y. – It was not so long ago when word came out about the basketball coaches and players being bribed in the NCAA. It was these scandalous events that led Mark Emmert, President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, to voice out his desire for a new and stricter implementation of basketball rules.

Certain measures will be done to ensure that situations like these do not repeat, starting with the formulation of new procedures that will help the organization prevent briberies. They are going to form a group responsible for governing the basketball etiquette and regulations. The team will include Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State, together with several veterans in business, college sports, government, and education.

Emmert said he believes that most of the coaches have deep respect for the rules and regulations, but even then, there are still a few who opts to do the opposite. He stands that he has the team’s silence culture to blame for that. He also added that it is time to take desperate measures. He wants the culprit out of the team.

New Rules And Regulations Created To Prevent NCAA Bribery

The persecutors of the federal government have been looking into the case of bribery in the basketball program for over three years already, but it was only these past few weeks that results finally came out. About seven academies were called out, and there were ten persons indicted.

Shoe companies were allegedly financing basketball players and coaches. Apparently, more people knew about it than they thought. It was just that no one bothered to speak up.

The new set of regulations will have three roles. First, it will investigate each basketball team’s connection to certain shoe companies. Second, it will also investigate how the NCAA goes along with the NBA. Lastly, the police of the NCAA will keep an eye on whether the terms and regulations are properly implemented.

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