Early Misplay Dooms Harvard Women’s Soccer To 1-0 Loss

Early Misplay Dooms Harvard Women’s Soccer To 1-0 Loss

BOSTON, Mass. – On Wednesday night at the Nickerson Field of Boston University, an early defensive misplay of the Harvard Crimson women’s soccer haunts them into losing at 1-0 against the Boston University Terriers.

The Terrier’s freshman, Anna Heilferty, put the Crimson in a six-minute 1-0 hole after the Harvard defense’s misplaced pass. Christina Wakefield, a BU senior who has started 15 games for the Terriers also assisted on the play giving the team a total of two assists and four goals for the season.

Boston University has a total of 20 shots for the game while Harvard has only six. Heilferty’s first strike was enough to give the victory to the Terriers.

Harvard Crimson was fresh from their 3-1 victory against the Cornell when they entered the game on Wednesday. They also have the history of holding the lead of 13-7-6 in the history of the series against BU. The rival’s game in Cambridge last year ended in a double overtime tie. However, this time’s game has broken down the history between opposing teams.

Early Misplay Dooms Harvard Women’s Soccer To 1-0 Loss

According to Chris Hamblin, coach for Harvard Crimson, Boston University is already near the top in the conference, and they expected that they would be getting a good test during last night’s game.

Caroline Chagares, captain for Harvard Women’s soccer team, also said that they knew the BU is an excellent team especially because they have a very tall back line.

BU entered the play on Wednesday with only one game lost from its total of six games. They have a 4-3-0 home record in 2017. The Terriers has long shown their defensive dominance and last night was no exemption. They were able to outsource their opponents for 11-1 along with a total of five shutouts.

Their offense has also performed well especially during the first half. BU has dwarfed the two shots of Harvard with their total of 11 with five of it landed on goal. In the end, Harvard has made their play somewhat more conservative than in their other Ivy League plays.

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