Warrior Spikers Proclaims Victory Against The Vikings

Warrior Spikers Proclaims Victory Against The Vikings

OTTUMWA, Iowa – The Warriors and Vikings exerted loads of energy this season garnering amazing scores and victories. These teams came face-to-face against each other during the Iowa Western Tournament, on the volleyball court of Jefferson’s College and at the Hellyer Student Life Center.

Although both teams did their best to win,there is only one winner, and in this case, it is Indian Hills’ Warrior Spikers.

Reports indicate that the IHCC cleared the 2017 standard season arrangement along with Vikings gaining their first breadth of the game versus their opponents from Southern Missouri. The Vikings scored a 25-20, 25-23, 25-21 proclaiming victory on their home court.

IHCC beat the Vikings and got a score of 23-25, 25-21 last August 26. About two weeks after that, the Warriors broadened a nine-coordinate leading them to a five-win straight streak.

Warrior Spikers Proclaims Victory Against The Vikings

In view of those prior outcomes, Michel, the Warrior head mentor was glad to have secured a 6-11 score in game three.

“We’ve kind of had a tough go of it lately. We’re getting players healthy, and we’re trying to get girls working well together on the court,” Lyndsey Michel, the Indian Hills head volleyball coach, stated. “Once again, we’re on a little bit of that roller coaster where we have high points and low points. It’s been overdue for us to come out and play a good, highly-intense match. It’s been awhile since we showed people what our worth is,” Michel continued.

Ever since Jefferson College was beaten for five streaks this series, the winning team had tried to keep the winning consistent because they want to achieve the nine winning streak that they once attained. The Indian Hills only won about eight games out of a total of 14 games ever since the last time that they achieved the winning streak.

“We’re feeling the effects of the roller coaster ride as players. We’re going through it out there on the court,” Mackenzie Lauer claimed. “I think we’re starting to get over that. I feel like we’re just going to be going on an upswing from here.”

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