What Are the Effects of One-and-Done Players?

U.S.A. – Tonight, Dennis Smith Jr. will be playing to impress coaches in the first round of the NBA draft, together with Duke’s Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum. These three are all top NBA prospects after they played just one season in the college basketball, or as they call it, “one and done”.

Both Giles and Tatum bagged a victory before choosing to enter the draft. They’ve notch one ACC crown but their respective careers were still disappointing – without putting marks along the way. Even Giles’ injury during his college basketball year was more memorable than their championship. Clearly, one accomplishment is not that enough to leave a legacy in the team.

That is the downside of being one-and-done players. Sure, one season in college basketball can help them prepare for the NBA, but there will be little or no legacy that will be left for their schools.

What Are the Effects of One-and-Done Players?

On the other hand, this kind of process is only fair for every player who wants to jump into pro basketball whenever they desire. Looking at one-and-done players are great opportunities for the NBA to seek for raw talents, though the players still need to undergo mandatory preparation years in college, which is the rule.

The loser in this process, though, is college basketball. Colleges are the primary source of the talent pool in the NBA, which means that they bear the risk of losing their stars any moment after one season.

As for the part of one-and-done players, their draft processes are always tainted with uncertainty. Because of their lack of preparatory years in college, their status in the draft tends to rise and fall, which makes it harder for them to enter the pros. Not only that, they are also missing out a lot in the college basketball. There should be a lot of benefits if they can just sit around in college for a while, including the lessons of building relationship with the team and the legacies that they can bring in their school.

Other draft models in the NBA are being proposed in order to deter the disadvantages of having a lot of one-and-done players. But for now, it is unlikely that NBA would change its method, as long as the advantage continues to be on their side.

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