Buddy Hield Returns to Norman for a Two-day Camp

Buddy Hield Returns to Norman for a Two-day Camp

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA – After the first day of the two-day camp on Oklahoma’s campus was finished, the former Sonner’s player and now a Sacramento Kings Guard Buddy Hield gathered the campers together at Sarkeys Fitness Center to put their skills to the test.

Hield put some bucks on the court floor and asked the campers to show what they’ve learned from the first day of camp. The campers took shots and showcased what they learned in the session.

Hield has organized camps before. In recent years, he had already headed one in native Bahamas and also helped organized camps in Oklahoma in his years with the Sooners. However, this is his first time organizing a camp in Norman.

In an interview, Hield said that this one is special. He said that he just wants to come back and teach kids in return. He also said that the camp is a good idea to do that and he appreciates the number of attendees.

Buddy Hield Returns to Norman for a Two-day Camp

When asked about his future plans, Hield said that he is planning to organize a camp in Wichita, where he also played particularly in Sunrise Christian before he got into OU.

Hield said that Oklahoma and Kansas are very important to him because he feels that those states are his home, which is why he wants to give back something there.

Last Thursday became some sort of a reunion for Hield. Familiar faces came to the session such as his former teammates Trey Slate, Daniel Harper, Sam Grooms, and former OU graduate assistant Zac Rogers. They all helped Hield in the session.

There were some parents and relatives who went to the camp, but the brothers of the campers were really excited about it.

Buddy Hield was a strong player in Norman but his high school year wasn’t something spectacular. However, his college years were much better, graduating as the college basketball’s national player of the year.

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